Sonia Alleyne 

Sonia Alleyne is an accomplished content, media and career strategist with an established track record of navigating prestegious corporate spaces. Throughout her career, she’s generated effective messaging for broad, diverse audiences. Sonia is the former Press Secretary and Director of Public Information for the New York City Department of Finance. Prior to this, she was the editorial director at Black Enterprise, directing cross-platform editorial exclusives with top business talent.


Sonia is an expert at crafting key narratives and raising representation where it matters. She succesfully commisioned groundbreaking stories including “Black and Gay in Corporate America,” earning the 2012 GLADD Media Award for Outstanding Magazine Article. Sonia became a recognized television correspondent for her financial and professional development contributions on Black Enterprise Business Report and Our World with Black Enterprise. 

Sonia has remained dedicated to lifting others as she climbs, encouraging career women across the nation. She is the founding editorial director of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit and an advisory board member for the California Women’s Conference. Sonia is a co-author of Good is Not Enough: And Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals, which was nominated for an NAACP Image Award.


Now, Sonia brings the gift of effective corporate career navigation to deserving career women with I Kick Ass At Work (IKAAW). This in-depth guide to career crafting, self-promotion and professional self-governance will eqiup working women with the tools they need to kick ass and take names on and off the clock.