Release Date: September 22, 2020

For the first time, TT Torrez—notable multimedia personality and music director of New York’s premiere Hot 97 radio station—pours it all on the page. Tune in as Torrez tells her climb from dark and desperate depths to heart-warming heights. This story of truth and dare is a real talk on survival, told in Torrez’s signature “girl-from-the-block” tone. Here’s how she rose from an abandoned Bronx teen, plagued with homelessness, molestation, neglect and unimaginable abuse to taking the national stage as a distinguished radio personality. Even during her turbulent childhood, there were two things Torrez always knew for sure. She was destined for greater and that she would not make the same mistakes as her mother. As a girl, Torrez painfully watched from the sidelines as her mother jumped in and out of loveless, abusive relationships. Although her mother was a constant source of empowerment, their relationship shifted before Torrez finished high school. Despite abandonment at a time she needed her mother most, she knew the highest peak was still unreached. Defying all odds, Torrez tenaciously pushed past her circumstances and leaned in on what she knew for sure. She went to college and successfully crafted a career from the two loves that have never left her side—hip-hop and radio. By the end of Trials to Triumph, you’ll understand what Torrez always knew: We weren’t put here to merely survive our trials—the mission is to TRIUMPH over them. In TT TORREZ TRIALS TO TRIUMPH TT details the trials of her youth and showcases the resilience that carried her gracefully through each step of her career.



Learn TT’s Power Play Strategies…

• Be a student of the game; Know who the Power Players are

• Perfect your craft while you grind your way to the top

• Work for free if you have to in order to get in the door

• You have to be willing to move around/be traded Praise for TT Torrez



Trials To Triumph

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  • Size 8.5 x 5.5

    Type: Paperback

    Pages: 304

    Category: Memoir

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